iPad Pre-Order has begun! First Pictures.

Posted in iPad, News by ipadnerd on March 10, 2010

Get your credit cards ready. Pre-ordering of the iPad began at 08:30ET today (US only). You can pre-order (limit 2 per customer) from the Apple Online Store or reserve for pickup at an Apple Retail Store. iPad Wi-Fi models hit the street on April 3rd with the 3G iPad to be released in late April. We will be posting an iPad unboxing video on April 3rd. Stay tuned! International customers will have to wait until later in April to order their iPads. See below first pictures of the Pre-Order webpages from the Apple website.

Wifi 16GB: $499, 32GB: $599, 64GB: $699
3G 16GB: $629, 32GB: $729, 64GB: $829

Keyboard Dock: $69 (Available Mid-April)
iPad Case: $39
iPad Dock: $29
10W USB Power Adapter: $29 (Available Late-April)
Dock connector to VGA: $29
Wireless Keyboard: $69
Applecare 2 Years: $99
Owning an iPad: Priceless :)

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Analyst Ups iPad Sales Estimate to 4M Units

Posted in iPad, News by ipadnerd on February 15, 2010

Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray has revised his sales estimates for the iPad. His former estimate of 1.9 million units sold in the first 12 months was based on a higher average price than announced by Apple. Munster now projects iPad sales of 3-4 million units in the first twelve months and double that amount in 2011, generating $4.6 billion in revenue for Apple next year.

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Amazon to give away Kindle to thwart iPad

Posted in iPad, News by ipadnerd on February 13, 2010

Amazon is seriously considering giving away Kindles to their Amazon Prime members ($79 annually) in an effort to thwart the Apple iPad. The thinking is that it will pay off in the long run with increased ebook sales. Amazon experimented with this idea in January and is in the process of fine tuning the offering.

techcrunch: Amazon wants to give a free Kindle to all Amazon Prime Subscribers

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Apple could cut iPad Prices!

Posted in iPad, News by ipadnerd on February 8, 2010

Wow, we are over a month away from product launch and Apple Execs are already discussing price cuts! Analysts estimate the iPad has a 45%-55% profit margin built into the current pricing so there definitely should be some wiggle room. The iPadNerd’s guess is that it could play out like the iphone launch where Apple cut prices for the 8GB iPhone from $599 to $399. The first mover customers were given a $200 in-store credit.

According to The Wall Street Journal, company officials indicated they could become more aggressive in pricing the iPad if market demand is lower than expected.

“While it remains to be seen how much traction the iPad gets initially, management noted that it will remain nimble (pricing could change if the company is not attracting as many customers as anticipated),” wrote Credit Suisse analyst Bill Shope.

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Study finds what iPad Haters are Tweeting

Posted in iPad, Nerd, News by ipadnerd on February 7, 2010

First the good news. Over 60% of iPad tweets are positive! After scrubbing over 500,000 iPad tweets, TwitterFeel has broken down the objections from the critics. If the second biggest complaint is the name (23%) maybe Steve Jobs didn’t miss the mark so badly after all.

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Nerd Alert: iPad to Revolutionize Comic Books

Posted in Apps, iPad, Nerd, News by ipadnerd on February 7, 2010

The iPad will revolutionize comic books with the ability to bring eBook technology to this thus far ignored genre. This will keep the kids and fellow nerds distracted for hours…can’t wait!

Gizmodo: Comic books will look incredible on the iPad

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