Ebook Prices to Go Up

Posted in Conspiracy, iPad, News by ipadnerd on February 6, 2010

Thanks Apple. I love paying more for things! I thought competition was supposed to drive prices down not up.

Macrumors: iPad Helping Book Publishers Gain Control Over eBook Prices


Apple Scamming Customers with iPad Micro SIM?

Posted in Conspiracy, iPad, Subversion by ipadnerd on February 6, 2010

All evidence points to Apple’s micro-SIM decision┬átrying to prevent customers from using their iPhone SIM’s in their iPad’s; effectively forcing loyal customers to buy a second 3G product from AT&T. So much for putting customers first! It will be technically possible to ‘cut’ your iPhone SIM to make it work in both products. A hackers dream come true.

Wired: Apple iPad’s Tiny SIM Is Just There to Mess With You

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